Tuesday, November 25, 2008


At long last,we're finally on the road. A busy day. Sorted out a bike computer so as to record speed, distance and time in the saddle. Then I packed up the bags, wheeled the bike out the front door, said goodluck to the dad, "be careful now son" was the good advice. Hugs all round and I handed him the keys of the house and then it was time to start pedaling. Oh my god, but this bikeload is heavy. I'm carrying about 50% more stuff than my heaviest bike ride up to now, and about double my lightest load. I was almost struggling up the hill out of my home town past the police station.Its been a while since I've been on the bike,but generally the first 10 days or so can be quite difficult until your body adapts to the extra workload.It was a lovely ride down through the little villages of Colbinstown,Grangecon and eventually into Baltinglass. I'm camped up in a 'nice spot',in what seems like the remains of a mill. Im right beside the river Slaney and in the background is Baltinglass abbey. This fantastic ruins dates back to 1148. That's before the first stones were laid at Christchurch Cathedral. So I threw up the tent right beside a park bench and heated up a Mexican dish I prepared earlier. I'm was a bit rusty on putting up the tent, firing up the stove and all the rest, but in time I'll be flying again at all this. So in all a great day, I couldn't wait to get going. I feel I've been waiting for this for this for so long. I know I'll be a little stiff tomorrow as my body adjusts to the new routine

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