Saturday, December 20, 2008


I wouldn't have bothered jumping into the mountain stream on Thursday morning,if I had known I would have been able to get a 20 minute,piping hot shower that evening. At this time of the year,most of the hostels are closed, cause I'm avoiding a lot of the cities and sticking to the country roads and if I'm serious about heading off for a 1 year or more ,then I cant stay at hotels or there will be nothing left in the kitty in no lenght. But after 3 days of "head down,legs turning" and sleeping in ditchs, yur main concern is when am I gonna get my next wash.It turned out to be a mountain stream. It was a quick wash, packed up everything fast and pedalled like mad, till the numbness when out of my feet.That evening I made to the town of Angouleme.I was down by the river just as the evening was setting in. I was sussing out my next fly-tenting spot,when I got chatting to a really sound French man with perfect English named Jerome as he was out walking his dog,Drop. Even though, there was lumps of muck falling off the bike and I (mainly from the continual spray of passing vehicles), Jerome invited to his home for food,shower and a chat.It was too good an offer to turn. We loaded the bike and gear into the back of his van and made it bit outta town to his place.After many plates of great food, Jerome talked me through his extensive travel book collection, but the cyclist tourist was his main interest. I didn't even realise there was so many books in french on the topic. I marveled at the photos and the evening was spent by the fire mulling over Jerome's map collection which included everything from Ireland to Everest. The next morn (after a great breakfast), I was up and ready to head off south before the sun came up. We said our goodbyes and Celia even left out a chocolate Santa and sweets for me for Christmas day.If ye are reading this,Thank you so much.After that I biked on into Periguex. After a quick ride around,I decided this place was too good too miss and so when looking for the tourist office. I must have been the last tourist of the season and was getting the royal treatment. The wonderful tourist office assistant gave me no less than 6 free maps of the region and enough recommendations to keep here till new years. I checked into a hostel and went for a wander around this roman/medieval town.
This trip is going well

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Anonymous said...

Was really a pleasure to have you at home that evening.
Hope you'll make it around the globe.

Enjoy your ride
Jérome & Célia (& Drop)