Thursday, December 18, 2008


So I'm back on the bike after a great weekend with family in Nantes.Arriving into Nantes a few days back was quite a treat. I wasn't 20mins in the city when,while sitting on the steps of the cathedral, a local man with poor English but great character and full of chat insisted I come to his home to meet his family.Only for the fact that my brother(Paul) and Dad(Jim) were due over in a few hours I probably would have gone. Then on the way to my hostel, I met another chap, who complained endlessly about everything(to the point of it being hilarious). But he jumped into tour guide mode and pointed out all the worthy sights while giving a bit of local knowledge.Nantes was looking good from the start.The weekend with family in Nantes was just swell.We checked out everything, from the best Indonesian 5 course dinner to having breakfast at a bus-stop(Because nowhere else was open on a Sunday morning), from 15th century castles to 40ft high man-made walking elephants in the Machinists Gallery(Unbelievably good) to the prehistoric museums to the coolest jazz bars and late nite clubs.It was all good and while dad and Paul are back in Ireland, I'm back in my tent 100kms south of Nantes with my balaclava on to keep me warm.The coming days are just a case of putting up kms.Put the head down and keep the compass facing south.

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