Thursday, January 15, 2009


You could easily spend a week on a bike in Corsica,so I know I'm really limiting my stay here by only giving myself 2 days but I need to get on to Italy. I've been keen to take a trip around Cap Corse for sometime now. Its an 100km ringroad made up of a combination of corkscrew turns that climb and fall and are in many places dug into the cliff edge.Its the kind of terrain that is used in car commercials and it reminds of all the best car chases,that would have me sitting on the edge of the seat when I was a young lad.I seem to be stopping every few minutes to take photos,but I'm unsure whether this is due to the great scenery or the tired legs.The only drawback with hugging a cliff edge during the evening is trying to find a piece of flat land away from the villages and road to camp. But just as the sun was setting,I found home for the night. Just as well I dont turn much in my sleep

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