Thursday, February 12, 2009

DAY 83

We finally crossed Italy and I'm camped up on the east coast next to the Adriatic sea. I'm only 25kms from Bari and from here, I'll get a ferry on to the next country. This is my seventh night in a row of sleeping in bushcamps, so I'm quite looking forward to rolling into Bari (the locals will probably smell me before they see me-running water is way better than babywipes). The past week has the legs a little stiff, but not uncomfortably sore. They wouldn't want to be sore- The mountains in Greece are twice the height of these in Central Italy. Last night I camped in the middle of a giant meadow. Today was a glorious day of downhill free-wheeling with the wind at my back through a region similar to the burren in Clare. It even had a few dolmens, loads of beehive huts and stone walls everywhere.And also got to visit an Unesco world heritage site- Castel del Monte. By 11am tomorrow I should be in Bari. I'm in bad need of a shower,a plug socket,wi-fi and a ferry heading south east. I dont know where yet. It depends when they are leaving. I'll go to Albania,Corfu or somewhere in Greece. I just need to head south east (the opposite direction to Ireland)

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