Thursday, February 12, 2009


ROME- Its been a full week since I updated this blog and the past week is now a blur of all the best things. I stayed at the best hostel since the start of the trip. "The Freedom Traveller" near the train station had it all and the soundest of people seemed to be in this hostel.Most interesting of all was a Japanese guy , Hikaru who had cycled 23,000kms from Japan to Rome and he's only half way through his trip. I got new tyres for the bike (That tyre I got in Cahors gave me about 10 punctures,so I put it in its rightful place-the wastebin),a new camera (as the old one was on the blink) and a heap of other bits and pieces.Cities don't come much better than Rome. It has it all. Genevieve came over for the weekend and our time was spent wandering through all the sights.Rome has got the Vatican,the Colosseum,Paethlon,and just endless sights.Rome is basically one huge,noisy museum full of priests.Its almost a case of overload on sights. I'd often go 50km or 100kms out of my way to see a particular monument, but in Rome,its a case of seeing mind-blowing sights within 2 blocks of each other. I'm camped up in a forest 100kms south of Rome where a river meets the sea.

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