Sunday, May 10, 2009


Welcome to Iran, overwhelmingly Iran. This place is crazy. Its absolutely crazy (in the best possible way)
Firstly, (after passing the massive truck queues) my visa and each page of my passport is carefully checked. There is no Israeli stamp in my passport so there is no problems entering Iran.
Secondly, "Are you carrying any alcohol or any material that would be offensive to the Iranian people". With everything in order I proceed on to the final gate. The guard here checks my passport and says "Ah you're Irish. You're gonna love it here in Iran. We love the Irish"And so Day 1 of my "Liver-purifying-detox-programme" begins. Straight away its mayhem. Everyone is smiling and waving and hooting the car horns. I must have got about 20 invitations to join people for tea and a chat. What a welcome!!.

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