Sunday, May 10, 2009


Day 5 was spent pedalling.pedalling pedalling...

Day 6. A day going downhill is good. A day going downhill with the wind at your back is best. It was just another day of putting in high mileage and meeting lovely friendly Iranian people. The biggest laugh of the day was had over lunch at a truckstop. (Now firstly, I'll say that George Bush's comments about Iran being "an axis of evil" meant they seemed to have a dislike for more things American than just him).
The manager of the place sat at a table across from me and said; "Iran good???"
"Oh yes, very good",I replied.
Manager-"And you??"
Mark- "Ireland"
Manager-"Ireland good"
And everyone in the truckstop seemed to agree and say "Good"
Manager-"America no good, George Bush no good....Blab,blab,blab...Ireland Madam good??"
Mark-"Oh yes, very good"
Manager-"Iran madam good"
Mark-"American madam, good??"
There was a pause for a moment as this needed a bit more consideration. An old man lifted his head from his bowl of soup and roared out "No Good". Whether it was due to past experiences or his ability not to let temptation get in the way of judgement, everyone laughed and agreed, "No Good". After settling the bill and leaving the restaurant, I could still hear the roars of laughter and "Good, No Good" coming from inside. I pedalled down the road the road laughing.

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