Thursday, July 16, 2009


And so we made it to Bishkek. Looking back over the past 10 days or so, the overriding memories are of just incredible mountain scenery, 12% zig-zag roads, deafening tunnels with poor ventilation, invitations into yurts to sample horses milk and mutton soup, everyone wanted to help when I got a puncture, seeing that sheppard skin a goat, crossing the Kara-su river and roaring at myself not to fail, sliding down a glacier on my tent bag with the sheppard, the incredible help from all the people, but epically the 2 sheppards who helped us over the top of the pass. Looking back now,its almost a blur of one crazy epidisode quickly followed by another. Markus was great company and real easy to travel with and we plan to travel again when I return from Thailand. Presently, I'm sitting in the departure lounge of Tashkent airport waiting for a connecting flight down to Bangkok. I can't wait. The adventure continues....


Dado said...

Good on ya mate.That over the pass episode was a real doozy. You are stout as the black stuff!!
Stay a sober paddy in Bangkok and be dow wide about those ladies who aren't ladies. Tight tires and God be with you.

Dado said... wide, that is

Danny said...

Hi Mark

Danny Dunne from Mullingar here.
My wife Betty is a friend of your Aunt Brigid and Uncle Joe. Brigis was out her with us tonight, August 20th and I have added your site to Favourites. I am a primary teacher and I will get the teacher in Clonard School in Co. Meath to log in and send you an odd message of encouragement. Well done you are very brave to take on such a task. Just after looking at the Uzbekistan pictures and they are gems. REgards and God's speed on your Journey

Danny Dunne