Thursday, July 16, 2009


The photos above are just the briefest snap-shot of the modern day 'silk road camel'. They are an amazing vehicle and are used by everyone from boy-racers to bulk hauliers. A Lada that breaks down just once a month could be described as "being in perfect condition". They are fed the dirtiest of fuel, transporting ridiculously heavy loads across deplorable roads and all at break neck speed. I've seen Ladas packed full of everything from melons to goats. It seems as long as the car horn is working the car is deemed road worthy. Like most of the locals from this part of the world, I too, have been requested to help out when a Lada needed a push start. They are a surprisingly light vehicle and very easy to push. Is it possible that the engineers at Lada took this fact into consideration and designed an 'easy-to-push-car'.

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