Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Throughout the Tibetan regions of China, we have gotten to experience so much. Everyday the craziest things happened. There was just too much to document it all in this blog. But looking back now, so many bizarre moments pop into my head. There was the drunken police chief who insisted Markus was sober enough to drive his patrol jeep. Markus was numerous times over any drink driving limit, so the chief agreed to do the steering. The Buddhist monk who went with his seven monk friends to the 2008 Lhasa demonstrations. They were all arrested but one of them never returned. He hasn't been seen or heard of since. The family who invited us into their home to taste their traditional dish, Tsampa (a simple food made of barley flour and water). It tasted fine even though it was the same hands used to create our lunch as create the fire made entirely of dried yak shit. But during my stay here I got to witness, what I could only describe as the most shocking scene of my life. I was invited to a Sky Burial.

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