Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Generally speaking, the Chinese food has been the consistently best food of the trip. But be warned, when you order the full chicken dish, you get the full chicken dish.

Leaving the town of Litang behind, we divided the 16 hour bus journey to Shangri-La out over 2 days. When you consider the average speed was 25KM/hr, it gives you an indication of the quality of the roads. But, in arriving in Shangri-La we were finally stepping away from the Tibetan world, that had so warmly welcomed us and fascinated us over the last month. I felt Shangri-La was more 'Tibetan for tourists' rather than 'Tibetan for real'. There was no yaks breaking red lights on the main street of this town. Instead it proved to be the wonderful destination we had so long craved. All menus were in english. Cutlery replaced chopsticks and choices included steak, pizza, fish, french fries, Mexican, curries and for desert there was chocolate, so much chocolate.

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