Saturday, January 23, 2010


If there was one group of people that were consistently good to me, it is people of the Islam religion. I remember being regularly told the reason for this, is because they always believe in helping the traveller. As many of them hope to make a great journey at some stage in their lives; The journey to Mecca.
I had never intended to visit Mecca. But today, I unwittingly arrived there. Mecca (in the state of California) is a big truckstop in a small town full of Mexicans. Its looking like I'll be spending the night here in Mecca. The wind and rain outside is unreal. Its just too difficult to cycle in. And the entire surrounding landscape has turned to mud. So camping is out and even if I could get to a motel, the nearest one is about 20 kms away. Its too dark and wet and dangerous to cycle that distance. So this will be the first time in 14 months of travel that I didn't find a bed for the night. Tonight I'm going to sit it out in a truckstop in Mecca. And its kind of ironic. When I consider all the home invitations I received throughout the Muslim world and here I am without a bed in a town called Mecca.

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