Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The rain failed to dampen the excitement of turning on Flamingo and riding on up Las Vegas main strip. Truly a city like no other, bright neon lights, giant casino complexes scattered left and right based on the most outrageous themes. The Luxor is based on an Egyptian theme and comprises of a huge tinted glass pyramid with giant Sphinx outside. The New York, New York casino has a massive Statute of Liberty outside and the sounds of guests screaming as they enjoyed the hotels roller coaster. Further up, I passed the Eiffel Tower of the Paris casino. The Venetian casino offered gondola boat rides through its replicia of the canals of Venice. There was Caesars Palace, the Sahara and the Excalibur Casino was basically a giant multi coloured castle. Where else would you find a city where such excess has become standard. My accommodation was a hostel about 30 minute walk from the main strip. The 'Funky Monkey' is clean, cheap and comfy, it was excess enough for me after spending much of the last 10 days out in the desert. My Dad, Jim and his brother Tom are both recently retired and decided to fly out to see what Vegas is all about. (There goes two pension plans.) Their arrival date is February 2nd, so I have a few days to toy with and get familiar with this crazy city. Their plan is to stay 2 weeks, so that gives us plenty of time to tour around Vegas and the surrounding sights. So once again, I'm taking a break from cycling.


Anonymous said...

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paul said...

Mr Doherty.....Your a long way from Turkey now...(rem that disused house were we all met? the middle of a lightening storm and you on your way to Erzurum!!!!) Started reading your blog....pretty darn good my man....makes me wish to be on the road once again.....Must meet up when your back in the Emerald Isle....perhaps cycle a bit with you.....Talk soon Mark....Watch out for those flash floods!!!!.....Tail winds all the way kid....Hasta Pronto dude!!