Sunday, March 14, 2010


While the initial plan was to bike across the United States from California to Florida,- plans change. I look forward to returning to America sometime but at this time I'm more drawn to venture south towards Mexico. I'm presently camped up in a small forest about 30KMs north of the city of Torreon in North Central Mexico. The trees are full of the sounds of small birds singing. I'm 10 days in Mexico now and this time has been spent pedalling across the Chihuahua desert. You've probably never heard of it. I'd never heard of it before I'd arrived here. As it turns out, the second largest desert in the North American Continent happens to be named after one of the smallest dogs around. Its been 10 days riding across a long, arid, mostly flat plain through this part of Mexico. Since leaving the United States, I've faced a brute of a headwind which has gradually turned to become a favourable tailwind that is directing me towards the Caribbean. Each desert night is very cold and I wake to find my water bottles frozen. But as I journey further south, the afternoon sun is consistently gaining strength. Between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, I'm sheltering under some bridge;-chilling in the shade and sipping hot tea. Not really viewing any over whelming sights. Not really over indulging in the Mexican food (as I find it too spicy). Instead, just using the time to reduce a distance between this desert and the warm tropical Caribbean Sea awaiting. It has been another glorious sunset as the birds conclude their evening symphony. The sky fills with stars but it quickly becomes much too cold to pass the evening lying out on the ground staring above. Instead I retire to the sleeping bag and wake with the sound of the them birds singing again. Pack up the sleeping bag. Roll up the mattress. Fold up the tent. Boil up the pot and after a breakfast of tea and musili, I'm ready for another day of pedalling down that road.

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Alaide said...

What you're doing is an amazing experience!
I wish I were you...

I hope you liked Torreon... and it would have been better and cheapper to eat someplace different of McDonnalds... But any way xD

Good luck