Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A liquid lunch of caramel tequila and mango juice with a bowl of walnuts set the right tone for my day of rest from cycling. I took a six kilometre bus journey from Papantla to the wonderous archaeological site of El Tajin. With shades, a sunhat and Pink Floyld's Pompeii on the ipod, I happily strolled about the ruins. The Totonac people who occupied the area between 600AD and 1200AD certainly took their football hooligism very seriously. The entire area has 17 ball courts and sculptures depicting human sacrifice connected with the 'ball game'. Back in Papantla the town was filled with celebration and very basic but amusing dances by the locals. I'm unsure, but I believe the sense of carnival is part of a religious celebration of the approach of the end of lent and the arrival of Easter. With so many people in traditional dress and almost everyone was holding vanilla pods woven into intricate designs of flowers and crucifixes, it made for a lovely evening as I strolled about the town square. I was just thinking; I'm 27 days in Mexico now and I haven't met a foreign tourist yet. As the day came to a close I decided to complete the day with a dessert similar to my liquid lunch. Now what's a "Turbo Muppet" cocktail?? considering I'm struggling with Spanish, there's only one real way to find out!

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