Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There has been a lot of long biking days over the last few weeks. I almost always exceeded my daily 100KM quota. In Mexico, I've crossed desert, jungle and coastal plain. But just as evening began to set in today, I entered into a large swampland. I pedalled on fast as the light grew dimmer. I was getting concerned that I was just not going to find a campspot this evening. Then a gateway appeared; leading up a small trail to an island of palm trees surrounded by a swamp. Mosquitoes everywhere. I quickly put on an extra layer, including balaclava, to limit the bites. But my may concern here were crocodiles. I have read in my guide book that swamp tours to view crocodiles were available within a few hundred kilometres from here. If in doubt, set up a campfire. It generally freaks out any potential predators. I pumped the stove so that I could be ready to start another fire in seconds. That may not be enough time so I went to bed dreaming of crocodiles.

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