Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The rain poured down as I pedalled into Cancun, Mexico. It was the end of a journey that begun 17 months ago. And the previous 5 years were spent planning and saving for this venture. In two days time I had a flight to Dublin and all that was left was to pedal it down to Naas. It was a strange feeling. I'm looking forward to getting home. I'm going to miss Global Cycle Ride.
It was a busy week. My flight to Dublin goes via United States and due to recent changes in U.S. immigration procedures, I needed to leave then re enter Mexico before I could take my flight out of Cancun. I pedalled hard towards Belize. I didn't see much of Belize. Immigration stamped me in. I found a nearby lake for a wash. And then immigration stamped me out again. I was back in Mexico but those Belize stamps in my passport should ensure a smooth passage past U.S. immigration and on to Ireland.

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