Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kinda a lazy day today, I biked a good bit yesterday so I took it easy today. Woke up good and early and decided to have a swim and give myself a wash in the process. It was pretty cold so it was a short swim/quick wash,then had a bit of breakfast and made my way into Wexford.In the afternoon I went off on a bit of a spin around SE Wexford looking for Rathmacknee castle. At a distance it looked spectacular.A typical 15th century castle, but as I got closer I noticed a satellite dish on the defence wall and when I looked in the main gate, some clown had built standard farmhouse in the middle of the grounds of a 500 year old castle.Oh well,only in Ireland.After that I made my way towards Rosslare,camped up on the beach, and headed into town looking for a beer,food and a bit of warmth. Well we made it to Rosslare and are eager for more so I'll head to Wales in the morning to visit country no.2

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