Friday, December 5, 2008


My trip through England has worked out fine. After camping on the river Severn,I continued into Bristol and eventually Bath, where I stayed 2 nights in a hostel. It was pretty cold camping next to the Severn.The following morning as I was making my way out of the village, I noticed most of the cars had a morning frost and so decided, I'd treat myself to a bit of comfort and spend the next night in a hostel.Bath is a beautiful city,a real treat, but the hostel was packed with some kids rugby tournament.I was lucky(ish) to get the last bed in the hostel.It was a twin room and I was sharing with Jason, a self-confessed manic depressive who was covered in self-inflicted scars.His life story was not 'easy-listening'.On Saturday, I wandered around Bath which was heaving with Christmas shoppers.I strolled around town,enjoying all the street entertainers and the highlight of my shopping was a very tasty Cornish pastry.By the time I got back to the hostel,it was heaving with hen/stag parties and noisy kids wearing rugby shirts. I stayed out of Jason's way and went to bed early.On Sunday, I woke up early and made my way into the centre of Bath to get some lovely photos of the now, empty city.I then gave my legs a massive wake up call by climbing a monster hill out of town and on over beautiful rolling hills, past Stonehenge and eventually down to Salisbury. After spending 2 dry days in a hostel, it was a bit of a bummer to spend all day Sunday pedalling in the rain, but then Salisbury is a town so beautiful,its worth a day of any weather to see. Its been almost 2 years since I stayed in this town, and I so I made my way toward the YHA(youth hostel) and after checking in, I made my way down to the Cathedral.This 750 year old Cathedral had the highest steeple in the UK when it was built and still has to this day.I basically wandered around here (staring up at it) till my neck hurt. I decided beer and food would sort me out for the evening.I made my way back to the hostel and was delighted to find that,although it was practically empty, everyone in the place was real sound. I was up till 1am yapping to different folk about different things.The most interesting being 2 Pakistani lads who raved frantically about Pakistan and that I must visit. I agreed it was the new "no.1 on my next destination list" as I was very tired and needed to get some sleep.£18 is far too expensive for a 10 bed hostel dorm bed in the winter season, so this morning I did my best to eat £18 worth of "all you can eat breakfast",(not to mention making myself a good sized packed lunch as well).I was barely able to move, never mind cycle out of Salisbury this morning, so it was just as well, that North-Westerly wind is still blowing strongly at my back. Today's ride was a pleasure,riding along quiet roads over gently rolling hills, past massive meadows . I boiled up a coffee and had lunch on a picnic table by the river. And now, I'm camped up by the sea,after watching the sun set and ready to start cooking dinner. Tomorrow afternoon I get a ferry into country no.4, France.

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