Friday, November 28, 2008


9 days since I've left Naas and today I crossed in to country number 3I'm one of those cyclist who likes to potter along,constantly stopping to check my map or take a picture of something which I'll probably delete later. My main reason for stopping regularly is generally to have a bit of a rest and considering I've no deadlines to keep and no knowledge where I'll be at the end of the day, this system works best for me. One thing about stopping regular, (especially if your head is buried in a map) is that people will always come up to help as they assume you're lost.They never assume that getting lost might be the priority. This morning while having a rest/studying my map, a guy on his way to work came over to disturb my rest/offer assistance and while I generally like to go my own way and don't get at all bothered unless I get very lost, this guy turned out to be real helpful. I followed his instruction and so today I got to see Cardiff(capital of Wales) and then followed the A40(which truly was very flat) and eventually crossed over the river Severn and into England. I'm presently camped up beside the river and my view for the evening,while cooking dinner, was that of the 4 kilometre bridge that crosses the Severn over to Wales.I covered 90kms today,(the wind still at my back but it rained all day) but I'm looking forward to finding my own route tomorrow

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