Friday, December 5, 2008


After all the amazing sights and history of the D-Day beaches, I decided it was time to head back inland and head towards the next major sight of Mont St-Michel. So I was zig-zaging my way across northern France. When you "zig-zag" your way around anywhere, the great thing is you get to see everywhere. The bad thing is (especially when you're cycling) the wind is bound to be in your face at some stage. And for a fellow who has a rough/hopeful plan to cycle around the world, he really wouldn't want to be zig-zaging too much. Every one says the world is getting smaller, but when you're trying to get around it using a bicycle as your main method of transport, its not too small. And that super strong wind that helped me to witness the D-Day beaches, was now refusing to let me leave. My camp on that French beach was cold and I really didn't sleep that well,and so I pedalled on the next morning in the hope of getting a degree or two closer to the warm Mediterranean climate of south France. That wasn't the case. It was about 3pm when the cool afternoon in St Lo took a bit of a turn and the sky looked like it was going to drop Antarctica on us.Up till now, I've been talking about camping along side the sea,rivers,12TH century churches,beaches,lakes and so on, but yesterday it was a case of put up your tent quick and get shelter because the sky is falling. I had just got the tent up(on a building site) when the heavens opened. The rainstones were so heavy, I thought they would take the tent down. But after a while it calmed down and I slipped off into a huge sleep and didn't wake till 11 hours later.I have worked for 2 years on building sites but never have I slept so soundly on one. It's so hard to get out a warm sleeping bag and put on that wet rain gear, but if biking the world was easy then it wouldn't be worth doing. After a while you warm up/wake up and before you know it you're enjoying all around you as you wonder what today has in store for you.And today was a relaxing enough day on the saddle. I only did 65km to the lovely town of Granville. I'm in a hostel again. When I checked in they asked would I like a dorm or a single. I replied DORM,and sure who else would come to France at this time of the year. I have the dorm to myself

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Marco70 said...

Good to see you Mark at Granville and Mont St Michel. Sorry you couldn't have the dorm to yourself on Friday, I hope my snoring wasn't too loud!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the oysters and you had a good camping night in front of Mont St Michel.

We made it to St Malo on the Saturday night (Dec 6th) and had a jolly time there.

On the Sunday, we headed back north via Avranches to Vire in Normandy. Got the train back to Paris arriving at 11 pm.

Good luck for the rest of the trip.

Guy says hello too.