Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DAY 18. MONT ST-MICHEL(overall distance cycled since Day 1 IS 997KMS

Well it was late last night when sound two English lads (Mark and Guy)arrived into the hostel. They had lived in France for about 10 years and got the train from Paris over to Granville to do a 2 day bike ride around the north west coast before returning to Paris.We ended up going for a beer in Granville and the following morning we toured a bit from Granville to Avranches(amazing town with a brute of a hill going in).Today I probably had the best day since leaving home. I cycled across a lovely flat meadow landscape until I came to one of the most classic sights in France.This afternoon, I parked up and brewed myself a coffee and had a bit of lunch away from the crowds and stared up at Mont St-Michel. This abbey was initally built in 708 but it was in the 11th century when it was turned into the fortess we see today. I met Guy and Mark again at the entrance and we sat on the wall eating oysters,bread and tasty cheese. While the lads made their way on to their hostel for the night, I biked along the beach around Mont St-Michel and just as the sun was setting, I set up the tent at a location that guaranettes me the best view of the abbey for the evening. The bells from the catherdal rang out as I sat out on the grass and cooked up a sweet chilli veg stir fry with rice.P.S.-Not 1 drop of rain today..........

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