Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Woke up usual time(early) and packed up all and set off in the fog. But this morning I rearranged how I generally pack the panniers(bicycle side-bags). While I generally put most of the heavier stuff on the back axle, this morning the bike was nose heavy to keep the pressure off the rear axle. After getting 2 punctures in the spaces of 12 kms yesterday evening after a rear tyre blowout,it was a case of nursing the bike to the nearest big town to find a new rear tyre. I pedalled 73kms to Cahors(mostly standing to keep the weight off the rear axle). The tube was visibly sticking out of a 1cm split in the rear tyre and my eyes were glued to the road to make sure I didnt come into contact with any loose stones, Everything went according to plan. I made it to Cahors,checked into a hostel,found a bike shop and I think I have found a perfect tyre for my rear axle. Today was mostly uphill,-Im only in the hills of France but if I was to continue east of Cahors I would start into the Alps,while if I was to head to the west I would be in the flatlands of the Bordeaux region,but my plan is to head south towards Toulouse and Carcassonne(I cant wait to get to Carcasonne)

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