Wednesday, December 24, 2008


To get a tasty 9 year old bottle of red for under a fiver aint bad.
Today was a day of sorting out things.I replaced the old tyre,cleaned and oiled (meticulously) the bike,finally got to dry out the tent (and also got to give it a good wash)-did a bit of shopping(everyone else is,so I might as well). Considering I'm back on the small roads tomorrow,I stocked up on food for the next few days.I not too sure what way the shops are open over the coming Christmas days. The hostel I'm in now in Cahors takes guests 365 days a year.I also got myself a new fluorescent jacket. Up until now anyone would think I was been sponsored by Ascon.Then I went for a ride around town in my shiny,freshly greased new wheels to check out all the impressive sights;a 15 century bridge, a cathedral and a amazing market full of all the local produce, including that "tasty 9 year old bottle of red".

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