Saturday, December 27, 2008


Whereever I was going to be today, I knew I wouldn't be as warm and comfortable as anyone reading this, and such was the case. I'm camped up by a canal.Although its full of ducks,I didn't have roast duck for dinner. Last night I wheeled my bike down a muddy path to my camp site overlooking the river Vern. It was a cold night and when I had everything packed up, I couldn't get the bike moving as the muck was frozen solid from the wheels,mudguards and brakes. Eventually I made it into the next town,visited the local church and was half-hopeful someone might be on there own for Christmas and invite me back.Not the case. I proceeded on through the towns and was quite suprised by the amount of traffic and the amount of shops open on Christmas day.Every bakery,many florists and bars and even some of the small supermarkets were open. I made my way into Toulouse which is beautiful. I wandered around here for a bit. and eventually followed the Canal du midi, which is a super 100km bike path that follows the canal that conects Toulouse with Carcassone. I'm presently camped up 'down the nal'(no sign of PK Bud)

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