Saturday, December 27, 2008


That morning:I dont want to get out of my tent this morning. Its snowing..........

That evening:You have good days and bad days. This day would not be filed under a good day. Its been about 15 or even 20 years since a valve on a tube snapped while I've been pumping it,so it was a bit of a surprise for it to happen this morning.But I always carry a spare tube. It was an even bigger surprise when the valve snapped on the spare tube.These aren't cheap or old tubes(Continental 650A/B). I not sure,maybe its the cold,but its very frustrating.I had no option but to hide the bike and bags in the snow and leaves and walk back the 8kms to the nearest town to go looking for bike tubes. Because I was on a designated bike path there were no cars to thumb a lift and because it was snowing there were no cyclists to get advice on where I might get a tube. It was 3pm when we finally started pedaling today and we only biked 35 kms down the road. I should have stayed in my tent this morning.

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