Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm just after having the best week since leaving Ireland. My girlfriend Genevieve from Dublin came over to Carcassonne and so we spent the week in this amazingly beautiful medieval city and we also got a train up to Toulouse to ring in the new year there.Our days were spent wandering through the streets and in the evenings we would find some little bar or restaurant for good food and fine wine. Its been the most relaxing week (apart from when we were wandering around Capitol square in Toulouse about 30 minutes into the New Year.There was some minor disturbances involving a few young lads fighting between themselves. Next thing 3 vans pull up and loads of police in full riot gear jump out.Were kinda laughing at the whole thing but before we know it,there is tear gas going off and empty bottles flying and we're standing right in the middle of it).I must be the luckiest lad around when I have found someone who not only tolerates the idea of me heading of on a world trip but actually encourages me to follow the dream of attempting to cycle around the world.This afternoon we said our goodbyes at a taxi rank and while Genevieve returned in a north western direction to Dublin,I continued in a south eastern direction through France. I'm back in my tent,back in my reality

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