Friday, January 16, 2009

DAY 59

In a country that has produced some of the greatest cyclists in the world,its amazing how bike-unfriendly (by European standards) its roads are. I did a small bit of biking in Italy about 2 years ago and was surprised how I ended up on motorways or busy dual carriageways and I've found the same is happening again. The poorly surfaced roads are clogged with traffic. Maybe I was just getting to used to the biking heaven that France is. But I couldn't complain about Italy.What it lacks in biking in gains in so many other ways;possibly the best food of the world,the headquarters to possibly the world's greatest ever empire,possibly the best art of the world. And possibly the capital of the fashion world (so I might do a laundry).I say 'possibly',cause someone is bound to disagree.
So I arrived into Italian port of Livorno and (unintentionally) took a motorway north for a bit,before I got back on the smaller roads.I got into the town of Pisa in late afternoon and went to see the lop-sided-tower.I'm presently in the city of Florence.I've been pushing it since my short visit to Corsica to make to here because tonight my Dad,Jim and brothers Paul and Eoin are coming out for 5 days to visit me. I've crossed over the 3000km mark and I'll update this site later with a few photos. But the sun is shining and I wanna see Florence

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