Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Just after spending the last 5 days with my dad, Jim and my 2 brothers Paul and Eoin. What a great time. We spent the days wandering around the amazing city of Florence. Our days were spent looking at Leonardo da Vinci painting, Michelangelo sculptures, and everything from 500 year old Cathedrals to the last fashion and Ferrari cars been paraded up and down the street. Our evening were spent drinking tasty wines and eating the best of food while quoting the favourite Italian gangster movies. In fact if you ever make it to Florence I recommend a visit to Il Latina on Palchetti st. We spent our last night eating. Our dinner comprised of 7 courses and 2 litres of wines. Pretty much the best meal of my life. But the crew are gone home and tomorrow I'm back on the bike and I'm pedalling outta town in a southerly direction.

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