Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If ever you make it to Nimes in south France,make sure you stay at the Concorde hotel beside the Amphitheatre. Its only got the 1 star but its in a 5 star location with a 5 star welcome in a 5 star city so you probably wont stay too long in your 1 star room. I was downstairs in the reception chatting to the super friendly manager over cups of tea and maps and colourful guide books for over an hour. Tell me 'what 5 star hotel offers that kind of reception??'. By the way,if you do happen to arrive into Nimes on a bicycle, call into 'Cycles Passieu' beside the Amphitheatre. The guys in this store refused to accept payment for an immediate service of the bike. In 20 minutes they sorted out a rear wheel buckle(due to the bumpy roads along the canal du midi), a loose chain and something or other that was causing the chain to jam in the rear axle when in top gear. They thought it was hilarious that I cycled from Ireland to here and said 'That Guinness must really be good for you'. The day just kept getting better. I spent the afternoon wandering around the city admiring all the sights.I got chatting to a Belgium bloke,Apu,at the amphitheatre. He had spent the Christmas/New years down in south of France and was dying to chat away to anyone (except family members) about anything (except family matters), so I was delighted to wander around Nimes with him to the Amphitheatre,roman gardens, the Maison Carree(from 5 A.D) and up the hill to the Tour Magne(from 15 B.C).All going grand.Happy Days from the south of France

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