Friday, February 20, 2009

DAY 90

After a good breakfast in Preveza we biked south for about 20kms before we came to a T-Junction where Charlie turned right and I turned left. His plan is to Island hop his way to Crete. My plan is to head towards Athens where I can get a ferry to Turkey. If you're ever in Ireland Charlie,give us a call and we'll find some bar that sells Ouzos. I continued on down my scenic road with the coast on my right hand side till about 5pm,when up the road in front of me pedalled two more touring cyclists. Brothers David and Fred from France were half way through their epic journey of biking to every capital city in Europe. It was going to be dark in an hour so we all camped up on the beach and spent the evening chatting over a fine sized bonfire. We didn't leave our camp till about 11am the morning. I hope David and Fred see Dublin before I do.