Friday, February 20, 2009

DAY 92

I keep changing from my origional plan,but then my origional plan was never set in stone. The origional plan was to head to Delphi; the home of the oracle and to find out what the future held for me. Fred and David recommended crossing the Andrio-Rio Bridge and taking the flat coastal road across to Peloponnese and all the way into Athens. This route will allow to visit the ancient city of Corinth and also cross over the Corinth Canal. Delphi is at a massive altitude so a flat coastal road takes first choice. And anyway, even if the oracle recommended a U-turn and a return to Ireland, I think I'd pedal east anyway. The oracle told Alexander the Great; "He was unbeatable" and I feel Great too,so I'm gonna follow his footsteps. I'm heading East.

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