Monday, February 23, 2009


When I arrive into a hostel, I often get asked "Whats in all the bags?"
So this is everything I left home with:

1 Koga Signature series bicycle with 1 pump,1 water bottle,1 flask and 1 bike computer
1 lightweight solo person tent
1 4-season sleeping bag
1 sleeping matress
1 stove
2 pots
1 frying pan
1 steak knife
1 of the following-fork,tea-spoon,mug,can opener,cork screw

1 wind proof ski pants
1 hiking pants with zips-off legs to turn them into shorts
1 cycling pants
2 base layer pants
2 shirts (not the Ben Shearman type)
2 base layer tops
1 Wind proof jacket(I turn it inside out and in becomes my pillow)
1 Waterproof jacket
1 waterproof pants
1 pair of hiking boots
1 pair of cycling shoes.i.e. they clip into the pedals
1 pair of cycling gloves
1 pair of waterproof ski gloves
1 balaclava
1 baseball hat
Jocks and socks
A small zip-lock bag with washing powder

1 Laptop computer(with waterproof,shock proof case)
1 ipod (with case)
1 phone(its always switched off,I'm on holidays)
2 digital cameras (1 which is broken,just in case I get mugged-I give up my dud camera)
1 tiny camcorder(with waterproof case)
1 headtorch
1 headshaver
1 world plug adapter
And an annoying amount of cables,leads,chargers,headphones and batteries to go with this lot.(all kept in a waterproof bag)

1 basic maintanence kit & collection of spares for the bike
1 (very) basic medical kit for me
1 (very,very) basic bathroom bag. ie even my toothbrush is foldable and toothpaste comes in a 12ml container to keep weight down
1 towel

A couple of books,maps and a guide book for whatever country/region I'm presently in.
1 compass
3 bike locks
1 whistle (Always around my neck)
1 strainer (always strain the fuel before filling the stove)
1 cigarette lighter

2 wallets (1 full of old bank cards in case I get mugged)
laminated photocopies of all important documents
1 pair of reading glasses and cycling sunglasses
Any amount of food and water depending on distance to next shop and what time of the day it is

I think thats it.

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