Monday, February 23, 2009


In a city with over 130 museums you have to accept that with a 4 day visit you are only barely scrapping the surface. The National Archaeological Museum alone took the butts of a full day. With more than 20,000 exhibits, its regarded by many to be the world's greatest museum. And then there is the Acropolis on the hill top looking out over all Athens. Its probably one of the greatest structures of the ancient world. And then of course, there was plug sockets, laundry, hot water and a chance to catch up on the emails and news and a chance to send off some saved emails I wrote over the previous week. Well the news from all in Ireland seems to be a universal gloom and doom since Christmas. All emails discuss job losses, banking scandels etc etc. So I don't think I'm in any hurry to return there. Instead, I'm booked on tomorrow nights ferry to the Island of Chios. And from here I'm only 20kms from Turkey.

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elizabeth said...

Hi Dots, it's your cousin from oz, Andy here. Hope all is going well and wish you a successful and safe journey. Take care.