Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I got so much help along the way.
A very special thanks to my girlfriend, Genevieve, who not only tolerated such a selfish endevour as me going on a 17 month solo adventure holiday, but to continually support and encourage me throughout the journey. Just an incredible girl.

Special thanks to my Dad, Jim. In all he visited me 5 times during the trip. Great to have the company and also great for him to get the chance to spend his retirement travelling the world.

Thanks to the many other touring cyclists I met on the road. In particular, Markus from Austria. Not only was he great company and always keen to attempt the road less travelled, but the guy saved my live when that Kara Su river in Kyrgyzstan had the upper hand of a potentialy nasty situation.

Vincent the French physiotheripest on a bicycle, who checked into that Istanbul hostel and played a big part in sorting out my neck.

To the many home invitations. There is too many to mention but a few that particularly stood out was from Jerome in France and Clare and Recep in Turkey. Thanks guys.

Haji, The American guy living in China was a legend. The man's strenght exceeds the borders of time and the limitations of age. He's 70 years of age and is presently pedalling across Tibet, the rooftop of the world. This will be followed by a bike ride, not through, but around Australia, and then up the lenght of South America. Come on Haji, Whats your secret??

If anyone reads this blog and feels ready to give it (or something similar) a shot, my advice is; To do plenty of research and then go for it. Its important to work with the weather and wind direction. Long distance cycle tourers are always complaining about having the wind in their face. Check out the 'wunder map' on and plan accordingly. Have the best of maps and the most up to date information on visa requirements. Listen to local advice ,but don't always take it. "You can't go that way. The mountains are too high. Its too cold. Its too dangerous. Its not possible on a bicycle". When it gets really, really hard, remember that one day you will be looking back over that moment and enjoying the memory.

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